Digital Media

Opportunity from Chaos

With the marginal cost of media production plunging—and advertising inventory skyrocketing—the rules that have long governed consumer media are suddenly and dramatically defunct.

We see real opportunity in value added services that somebody pays for: premium content, creative service models and innovative marketing and distribution technologies. In each case, we look for businesses with compelling models for composing content, presenting data and offering high-impact solutions to content owners, consumers and advertisers. As legacy publishers and producers struggle for a position in the new landscape, Kohlberg Ventures is poised to take bets on promising upstarts with clear vision and an ability to execute quickly.


Previous Digital Media Investments


Business Insider/Silicon Alley Insider




Akademos is the virtual bookstore and marketplace where students save, schools succeed and learning thrives. Akademos offers new, used, rented or peer-to-peer marketplace physical and electronic texts ensuring students the lowest priced book that meets their need. Since Akademos partners with schools, students know they are buying the right text and are able to use their financial aid.

SocialChorus is a social marketing and SaaS technology company. Until recently, word-of-mouth marketing did not have the scale, efficiency and ROI that global brands demanded. Our cloud-based software has changed that. Our platform enables direct and enduring relationships between brands and thousands of their best advocates and fans. Equipped with a real-time performance dashboard, our clients take the guesswork out of their social marketing ROI. With over 25 Fortune 500 brands already using our software, our team is defining how brands leverage social influence to build sustained earned media value. SocialChorus was founded by Gregory Shove and has offices in New York City and San Francisco.

Open Road Integrated Media
Open Road Integrated Media is a content marketing company that places the e-book in the center of a multi-platform universe, which includes film, video and other forms of digital entertainment.  Open Road Integrated Media leverages its partners’ experience and relationships to enhance titles from literary giants and introduce new stars to readers. The company’s e-books offer a 360-degree world of existing and originally produced premium content that is marketed through a new online proprietary platform.


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