Clean Tech

Muda, Mura, Muri

For forty years, manufacturers learned to eliminate the three sources of waste: Muda, unproductive activities; Mura, variance and inconsistency; Muri, overburdened and absurd workflows.

When we look at our power markets, we see sources of waste everywhere. Transmission line losses, unstable and overburdened distribution systems, overly complex tariff structures, centralized generation and control systems, leaky faucets, uneven government incentives, opaque utility bills, not to mention the winking or unblinking LEDs we see on our appliances when thinking about this waste keeps us up at night.

We invest in products and services to eliminate this waste because we know efficiency will save power users money.

Lunera Lighting
Lunera Lighting’s energy-efficient and expertly engineered solid state lighting fixtures provide beautiful, white light LED solutions for office, health care, retail and smart-home lighting applications. Lunera helps businesses and people lower their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and improve their quality of life. Lunera Lighting is an ideal tool for LEED projects.


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