Thank you James, Caitlin, Katie, Shaw, Vanessa(s), Liz, Michelle

A few days after the Webster Street roaster opened, sweatpants-wearing, then not-even-gubernatorial-candidate Jerry Brown, stepped into the line for morning coffee along with a pair of policemen, a well-known chef, and few people that I can only imagine were likely to become the core cadre of Occupy Oakland.  I don’t recall what Governor Brown ordered, but I’m sure James does, as well as everyone else’s order.  Sure, the coffee’s superb, the surroundings feel like “a Japanese lawyer’s office” or the “pass-though window at the Milan train station” and the olive oil shortbread cookies are, for my waistline, mercifully sold only in pairs and not fistfuls. Blue Bottle’s essence is careful attention — to customers, to coffee technique — but mostly, to one another.    We’ve been honored to take our place in line and look forward to toasting, and tasting, your continued success.  Fare well.

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