Akademos Launches eReader for Educational Materials; Forms Content Partnership with Flat World Knowledge

Norwalk, CT • July 26, 2011 — Akademos, Inc., a leading provider of online bookstores and marketplaces to educational institutions, announced today that it has launched a digital reader that will allow its member institutions to access electronic content from traditional publishers and from open resources, such as the Connexions Consortium, World Public Library, the Guttenberg Project, and many others.

The company also announced its first major Open Educational Resources (OER) partnership with publisher Flat World Knowledge, which is providing the company with its full catalog of over 40 high-quality textbooks covering major subject areas for introductory general education colleges courses.

“OER will play an increasingly large role in how faculty access and use educational materials for classroom learning,” said Brian Jacobs, Ph.D., Founder and President of Akademos, “and we are excited to announce a new digital platform that allows our schools to adopt and customize these materials easily.”

The Akademos eReader, which is compatible with the emerging standard ePub format, allows students to create notes, highlight, annotate, and collaborate with fellow students. And those students who would also like a print copy of the text can easily order one directly through the eReader itself.

“Flat World Knowledge is a pioneer in OER and we are pleased to make their high-quality content available to our partner institutions through our new eReader,” notes Akademos CEO, John Squires, “The Akademos eReader takes its place alongside a suite of options for faculty and students—new, used, marketplace, rental, eTextbooks, and custom course materials—designed to lower costs while giving faculty greater control and flexibility. Akademos is redefining what it means to be a full service provider of course materials to educational institutions.”

Flat World Knowledge’s textbooks have received high praise from faculty and students and are in use at more than 1,200 institutions in the U.S. and in 44 countries. “Akademos offers an exciting new model for educational institutions grappling with the rapid changes in the textbook marketplace,” said Jeff Shelstad, CEO and Co-Founder of Flat World Knowledge. “Through this innovative distribution partnership and strong on-campus presence, we can offer our textbooks and institutional licensing solution to a wider range of faculty and students and help make higher education more affordable and accessible.”

About Flat World Knowledge, Inc.

Flat World Knowledge is the largest publisher of free and open college textbooks for students worldwide. Committed to making higher education more affordable and accessible, the company provides students with free online access to complete, peer-reviewed textbooks, with options to purchase affordable print and digital formats, including e-books, audio books, PDF downloads and interactive study aids. With Flat World’s open license and online editing platform professors can modify the content to create the “perfect book” for their course. To date, more than 1,600 professors at over 1,200 colleges in 44 countries have used Flat World open textbooks. Backed by top venture capital firms, Flat World Knowledge was named, along with Apple, Facebook and Google, as one of the information industry’s “30 to Watch” in 2011 by Outsell, Inc.

To learn more, visit http://www.flatworldknowledge.com; follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/flatworldknowledge; and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/flat_world.

About Akademos

Akademos offers a turnkey virtual bookstore and marketplace for small and midsized schools. Its advanced technology, comprehensive supply-chain solution, and commitment to responsive personal service make it a leader in providing affordable course materials and digital learning tools for schools. Students can choose new, used, marketplace, rental, and eBooks while schools can reduce costs and enjoy greater operating efficiency. Akademos delivers the right course materials, at an affordable price, on time.

Learn more at http://www.akademos.com

Leading Organic Winery Increases Energy Efficiency and Supports Sustainability Goals with ClearEdge Power

ClearEdge5 Stationary Continuous Power System Enables Stone Edge Farm to Benefit from Clean, Cost-Effective Energy

SONOMA, Calif. – July 22, 2011ClearEdge Power, a manufacturer of high-efficiency stationary fuel cells, today announced that Stone Edge Farm, an organic farm and winery located in California’s Sonoma Valley, is leveraging the ClearEdge5 system to advance its energy efficiency and sustainability goals. The ClearEdge5 system enables Stone Edge Farm to significantly reduce the energy costs required to run a successful estate and vineyard. In particular, it reduces the energy required to run the farm’s irrigation system and lights.

“At Stone Edge Farm we are committed to making world-class organic wine, while also to serving as an industry steward of sustainable practices in agriculture, farming and conservation,” said Mac McQuown, proprietor, Stone Edge Farm. “A key to minimizing our impact on the earth is determining energy efficiency best practices that help meet the operational needs of our growing agricultural operations. ClearEdge Power has been instrumental in helping us advance toward this goal by providing a system that significantly reduces our dependence on traditional energy sources while dramatically lowering our carbon emissions.”

By using the ClearEdge5 to provide power and heat for some operational functions, Stone Edge Farm expects to save 49 percent on its electricity bill and remove 24,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the environment annually. The financial savings will allow the winery to save more than $250,000 on total energy costs over a 20-year period. In addition to the clear financial benefits, Stone Edge Farm chose the ClearEdge5 system for its efficiency, ease-of-installation and overall aesthetic value.

“StoneEdge Farm is making tremendous strides in reducing the environmental impact of their agricultural production, and we are excited they have included our ClearEdge5 system as part of their impressive sustainability efforts,” said ClearEdge Power President and CEO Russell Ford. “This deployment clearly demonstrates the economic and environmental benefits that commercial and agricultural entities, like farms and wineries, can achieve with onsite continuous power systems such as the ClearEdge5. By providing efficient and 24/7 access to clean power and heat we can help businesses achieve energy independence, while saving money and becoming better stewards of the environment.”

The ClearEdge5 is a 5-kilowatt fuel cell from ClearEdge Power that combines heat and power in a scalable solution that can meet individual business’ specific energy needs. Unlike power sources that use traditional combustion technology, the ClearEdge5 uses an electrochemical process to convert natural gas to electricity and heat. This process dramatically reduces the environmental impact of producing electricity by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 35 to 40 percent compared to traditionalcombustion technology. Roughly the size of a standard refrigerator and incorporating a system for real-time remote monitoring, the innovative fuel cell system also reduces other typical pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds, ash and particulates, to trace levels.

About ClearEdge Power

ClearEdge Power is a global, privately held, technology company leading the way for smarter, cleaner on-site energy systems focused on commercial, institutional and residentialbuildings.  The company designs, manufactures and markets the ClearEdge5 system, a proven fuel cell appliance that cleanly converts natural gas to electricity and heat, offering both significant financial and energy savings, as well as a greatly reduced impact on the global environment.  The ClearEdge Power corporate management systems are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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